Charm for car keys: amethyst, black Tourmaline, gold-plated chain and findings
This charm for car keys is made with Amethyst and black Tourmaline because both of them are powerful protective crystals. Black Tourmaline is a crystal which enhances Amethyst protective qualities. Everybody, who is driving a car should have an Amethyst with them, because it helps to ensure that you reach the destination safely. More about Amethyst and black Tourmaline:

is a stone of spiritual protection, purification and transformation. It is used to get rid of bad habits since it has cleansing effect and it helps one find balance and restraint. Bad habits in question include alcoholism, smoking, drugs, bulimia, etc. Amethyst also aids travellers and therefore it is good to keep it in the car where it helps on reach the destination safely. Amethyst eliminates fear of changes and eases one's view on the future. It is especially useful for children, who often express their emotions with anger and rage, because of its calming and balancing effect. It also relieves sadness and grief, and helps to cope with losses. Due to its cleansing effect, it is used to block geopathic stress. Amethyst relieves pain, headaches, reduces swellings and injuries. It is beneficial for lungs, respiratory tract, skin and digestive tract.

Black Tourmaline
purifies negative energy and changes it into usable energy. This crystal protects against cellphones, electromagnetic waves, radiation, psychic attack and all kinds of negative energies.  It is especially useful for the people with high levels of stress in their lives. Black Tourmaline helps to get rid of negative emotions, like anger and jealousy. Black tourmaline strenghtens the immune system, purifies the body of toxins and wastes, and helps to relieve pain.