Agate brings emotional, physical and intellectual balance and helps to harmonize jin and yang energies. It has a calming and tension-relieving effect. It is a crystal that works slowly, but brings great strength. Agate is a protective stone which keeps negative energies away. As a close-to-earth stone, it offers support in difficult situations. Agate also increases self-confidence, analytical skills, concentration and perception. In addition, it is helpful in overcoming negativity and heartache. Agate heals anger, and encourages love and willingness to start over.
Agate is useful in the case of eye diseases and weak eyes. It cures lungs, liver, stomach, brain (particularily the part controlling speech) and bowel movement. Agate strengthens blood vessels and heals skin problems. It is a very suitable stone for those pregnant, as it heals the uterus and protects the evolving life.
Necklace "Talisman": agate, leather cord and sterlingsilver (clasp)