Necklace "Flying high" with blue hemimorphite and sterling silver
Before I found this pendant, I never knew that a crystal like this existed. But this pendant attracted me and I started to search for more information about this crystal. The only place where I found some information about it, was „The book of stones“, by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian. Here is a review about hemimorphite from this book:

Hemimorphite’s keywords are: emotional healing, communication, empathy, joy, channeling, light activation and aura balancing. This is a crystal, which brings well-being on many levels. It brings joy but does not deny sorrow and grief. Hemimorphite helps to recognize all emotions and express oneself more truthfully in matters of emotions, and it is also helpful in healing relationships. Blue hemimorphite clears and energizes the heart, throat and third-eye chakras. Hemimorphite helps calm the emotions. It is a powerful stone for forgiveness, release of resentment and anger, and the healing of karmatic ties between people. Hemimorphite helps in cases of hormone-related headaches, and it also helps to maintain positive outlook when moving through hormonal shifts.