Necklace "Caribbean Dream" with blue chalcedony, freshwater pearls and sterling silver
Blue chalcedony
Blue chalcedony has a deeply calming effect, it dissolves anger, depression, fear and panic. This crystal helps overcome worrying, because it concentrates rather on the present than on the imaginable future. It brings lightness and optimism. Blue chalcedony is encouraging for speakers, it makes the speech more coherent and understandable. It is also helpful for singers and others using their voice, because it strengthens the vocal apparatus and helps to avoid overburdening it. Blue chalcedony is also a stone of creativity which opens the mind to new ideas and inspiration.
Blue chalcedony relieves inflammations and stops bleeding. It is a perfect crystal to heal throat-related problems. In addition, it reduces blood pressure, body temperature and supports the healing of lungs.

Jewelry made of pearls has always been appreciated. Most of the bridal jewelry is made of pearls as they are symbols of fidelity, innocence and purity. Because a pearl grows inside a living organism and is born through considerable suffering, it is thought that it can understand sadness and pain. Pearls also symbolize the maturing of a soul, wisdom and enlightening. A round pearl facilitates concentration and helps to achieve unity with one’s feelings. Pearls symbolize feminity and honesty, they are helpful in feeling dignified. White pearls symbolize innocence and faith