Pink opal
Pink opal is a perfect crystal for healing emotions, it helps those who suffer from fear, worrying or tension. It dissolves stress and brings peace and harmony. Like other opals, pink opal creates a connection with previous lives and wounds related to them. It brings them to the surface and helps to cure them. Pink opal helps kids who sleep restlessly or suffer from nightmares.
Pink opal calms the heart, it helps in the case of arrhythmia. It also has a positive effect on the lungs and it improves the way body uses oxygen.

Jewelry made of pearls has always been appreciated. Most of the bridal jewelry is made of pearls as they are symbols of fidelity, innocence and purity. Because a pearl grows inside a living organism and is born through considerable suffering, it is thought that it can understand sadness and pain. Pearls also symbolize the maturing of a soul, wisdom and enlightening. A round pearl facilitates concentration and helps to achieve unity with one’s feelings. Pearls symbolize feminity and honesty, they are helpful in feeling dignified. White pearls symbolize innocence and faith.
Necklace "Pink Dream" with pink opal, freshwater pearls and sterling silver