Iolite is a crystal that helps to express spiritual ideas through writing, singing, movement and other creative activities. Iolite is the stone of the muses, because it activates the visionary and creative side of us and opens us to ideas and inspiration. Iolite offers us hope during hard times and is helpful in finding the best way to move forward. It helps to remain positive, calm and clear-minded in the most difficult situations. This crystal is a valuable tool in understanding the reasons behind the addictions, releasing them and also, overcoming excessive addiction in partnerships. Iolite supports the expression of one’s true self which is free of expectations of other people.
Iolite heals eyesight, stimulates the brain and helps in the case of sleeping disorders. It also supports detoxification of the body and healing of the liver.  
Necklace "Moonlight Forest" with iolite and sterling silver