Ruby is a crystal that gives life-energy. If you are in a situation where you feel stuck (relations, work, etc.), Ruby gives you energy to get back on track. This is a crystal that attracts adventures and novelties. Wearing Ruby as if makes you better visible to angels who will send you more useful surprises. And in case of those that are rather shy and confidence-seeking, ruby encourages saying „yes“ before you can find a reason to say „no“. Ruby is a crystal of courage, which helps to cope with unfamiliar situations and teaches you not to fear death. The message of Ruby is: better die than not live. It is a stone of properity and therefore helps to maintain wealth. Ruby brings out passion and attracts sexual activeness.
Ruby also lowers fever, heals contageous diseases, and stimulates blood circulation. It removes toxins from the body, blood and gland. It is a great crystal for people with low blood pressure.
Necklace "Passion": Ruby and gold-filled (14K/20) chain